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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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electrifying thousands at the s-a-p center on sunday-- why the indian prime minister's visit delivered more, than electroifying thousands at the sap center on sunday. and the world wind tour is over. pope francis back in the vatican this morning. we'll look at the images and messages that will last a lifetime. plus, desecrating a holy statue. "today in the bay" starts right now. good monday morning, thanks for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. did you have a good weekend? >> i did. >> me? >> never. >> hey, it's monday and the weather is going to still be
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nice after such a beautiful weekend and now it is 51 degrees in the north bay. 61 degrees in the peninsula and the south bay. highs today will be topping out in the 70s and also some 80s across the bay area. look for a high of 77 degrees and 84 degrees in the south bay and san francisco today up to 70 degrees. got some problems if you're heading through mountainview, mike. >> none of the nine cars on the shoulder and nine cars hit some debris at shoreline and chp says no longer any debris in the lanes and cars are still there, that is a distraction heading southbound into mountainview. the rest of your south bay moves smoothly. but look at the camera, we do have a backup for some of the cash payers right here over on the left approach. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. just days after pope francis someone vandalized the statue of
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the saint. >> stephanie chuang joining us with more on the damage the vandals left behind. >> quite a mess there at the mission. police down in carmel. now, people got together over the weekend yesterday up until last night to clean up the mess that was left behind. the statue toppled on the ground. investigators say snuck into the mission either saturday night or early sunday morning and took paint from the cabinet there hurling it on to the statue as well as on to plaques and tombsstones. now, sare becoming a saint was controversial. but mission leaders are call.
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>> hope of forgiveness. >> he says services will continue as usual and no permanent damage to the mission. so far the police have not identified any suspects. live here in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang. pope francis back at the vatican this morning after spending six days in the u.s. at each stop the pontiff was welcomed by hundreds of thousands of faithful. >> jay gray has more on the massive sunday service that ended his visit. >> reporter: the images are just like the moment overwhelming. downtown philadelphia for the evening converted into a cathedral. >> it's amazing that the love and the closeness. it's unbelievable how inspiring. >> reporter: more than 800,000 celebrating mass with the holy father. >> he's a wonderful person. bringing a wonderful message.
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>> reporter: pope francis began in the nation's capitol meeting with president obama and then addressing a joint session of congress. the first pontiff to have that honor. the tight rope between politics and religion as he traveled to new york, speaking before the united nations general assembly. francis addressing the most powerful leaders in the world. but, still, always taking time for the most vulnerable among us. it was those moments. face-to-face with the papal that will define his historic visit. stopping his motorcade to bless the children. they were the times francis seemed to cherish the most. closing out his american tour in philadelphia, focused on family, faith and service and offering one final blessing. >> may lord bless you all. god bless america.
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>> reporter: jay gray, nbc news, philadelphia. >> moving for so many. >> of the many highlights of that trip the one thing that stands out to me, the reaction of kids. when he's walking along the road and they see him for the first time and their eyes light up. >> like a rock star. to be in the presence of a pope is pretty amazing. what are we in store for this week? >> we will have some great weather as we head into the next few days. not too bad this morning as you get the week started. 61 degrees in san jose and sunnyvale and san francisco at 56 degrees. as we continue to look at this forecast going hour by hour in san jose, it is 61 degrees. it will be at 6:00 and then dropping into the lower 60s before it warms up to 70 degrees heading into the afternoon. and we will have a very nice day for at least the san jose area
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and most of the bay area. i'll show you the clouds that will be rolling in to cool off our temperatures as we head through the week. that's coming up in just a few minutes. let's see if there is any movement in mountainview, looking a little bit better there? >> the movement on the freeway is all right. we'll talk about that. she's referring to the nine cars that we talked about that had flat tires. a lot of cars here and the lanes are clear and we shot this camera shot way out on the approach and we'll look at your map. no real slowing but a good amount of cars traveling over here through livermore and into dublin. little slowing for 84 and just registers and that's a major surface street. here, yes, in mountainview south those nine vehicles on the shoulder but all lanes are clear as you travel southbound. the prime minister of india making an imprint and an impact on hundreds of thousands in the bay area. the message he left in the wake of many appearances this weekend. =sam/2shot= the prime minister
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of india
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the prime minister of india is on his way to the east coast this morning ... he the prime minister of india is on his way to the east coast this morning, but he was busy in the bay area over the weekend. >> he made several stops on his weekend trip from san francisco down the peninsula and then late last night he wrapped up a sold
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hp out event in the south bay speaking to thousands of people. as "today in the bay" m reports. >> reporter: waiting in long lines and going through intense security checks to join 18,000 others inside sap center in san jose. they came to see this man. narendra modi, the prime minister of india and to hear his message of hope. he told the crowd, india has a new vision. you have changed the way the world looks at india. your fingers are responsible for that. >> it was meaningful. mr. modi represents hope to india and in a way that very few people have, you know, inspired people in many, many years. he's more of a politician. i think of him more as a teacher. >> in front of all the countries
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around the world. that's the best he's doing. >> reporter: not everyone celebrated mr. modi as others protested outside the arena and even from the air. mr. modi is the first prime minister of india to visit the united states in 33 years and many parents here say he's inspiring their children. >> he's improving india. >> reporter: the prime minister received a rock star's welcome with groups of people breaking out into impromptu chapnts of hs name. >> reporter: he rose to become prime minister. they said in just 15 months he has already proven that one man can make a difference. marianne favro. little bit of a different perspective. this video was sent to us by one of the emcees for last night's event. you want to see more of the
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prime minister's visit to the bay area, head over to where we have posted his full interviews and town hall sessions at google and facebook online. our top story on the website. you can also watch it all on our nbc bay area app. hillary clinton heads to town today. what her trip will consist of next.
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weather and traffic at 4:44. did everyone try to see the super moon last night? >> we were under a tent and i was at an event and i couldn't leave. >> we have pictures coming up. >> it was cloudy outside. >> we had clouds last night and where couldn't see anything in san jose. i was so upset. oh, well. we do still have a few clouds this morning as we get the week started. taking a live look from san bruno mountain. we see a thin layer of clouds and look at the seven-day forecast now coming up at the bottom of the screen. we do have a fairly mild week ahead. nothing too crazy here. temperatures will be warming up as we head through the end of the week into the weekend and a live look at the castro. we see the clouds starting to roll into san francisco. we see it starting to move closer to those buildings and this morning our temperature there at 56 degrees and 62 degrees in livermore and san jose at 61 degrees. not much of a wind as we go into
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the morning and early afternoon. winds coming in from the north and northwest at five to ten miles per hour and starting to pick up closer to 15 miles per hour as we go into the day. highs today reaching 84 today at los gatos and the castro 68 degrees and a mild day and warmer, warmer in some spots like fairfield up to 91 degrees and napa 81 degrees and pittsburgh 87 and livermore 89 degrees. over the next couple of days, more clouds are moving in and that will keep our temperatures down a few more degrees. also a stronger onshore flow so our temperatures trending downward for the next couple of days and then starting to warm up as we head through the week. by friday, up to 86 degrees in the south bay. looking at the forecast this weekend, in the north bay, expect a high of 91 degrees on saturday. san francisco in the low to mid-70s and the peninsula will feel highs in the low to mid-80s. the cooler day of the weekend on
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sunday and pretty toasty in many spots on saturday. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's see how things are moving on the roads with mike. >> san mateo bridge right now looking anywhere west of the toll mrauza and the traffic on the span itself moves smoothly. as we look at your map, approaching the toll plaza, probably the toll lanes spread out. the screen past the chain link fence so that must be over on the right side. stay over to the left as you approach that toll plaza for the time being. i'll track that. meanwhile, the rest of your approach towards the bay bridge, for example, moving very smoothly into san francisco. giants play the dodgers tonight. keep that in mind. also seeing reports of a stalled vehicle over near the fremont or ninth street off ramp trying to get details from chp and so far traffic across the span is okay. >> thank you very much, mike. 4:47. to decision 2016. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will
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be back in the bay area today. she kicks off her visit in the south bay with a reception in saratoga. later she'll be in marin county for a mother and daughter event. in the evening, off to the east bay for a reception. tomorrow at a breakfast in san francisco. tickets cost between $1,000 and $2,700 for each event. clinton last visited the bay area last month for fund-raisers. in the political world, this is one of the real talkers this weekend. refusing to back down. yesterday on "meet the press" carly fiorina clashed with host chuck todd over her comments about a planned parenthood video. fiorina described a gruesome scene from one of the controversial undercover videos involving planned parenthood. the footage showed workers keeping an aborted fetus alive to harvest its brain. the fact checkers and even the makers of the video found that to be false saying the video was
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"stock footage." fiorina refused to acknowledge that fact. >> planned parenthood is aborting fetuses alive to harvest their brains and other body parts. that is a fact. plann planned parenthood cannot and will not deny this. it is happening in this nation and taxpayers are paying for it. >> fiorina did stop short of saying that republicans should force a government shut down to defund planned parenthood. an organization which says it does not use public money to perform abortion. this was certainly not a good sign for superstitious supporters of carly fiorina. the curtain came from behind her. they came tumbling down. fortunately, nobody was injured. fiorina quickly picked up the mike and asked if everyone was okay. when the situation calmed, someone in the crowd yelled, trump. fiorina jokingly replied, trump, hillary, it could have been a lot of different people. >> luckily people didn't get
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hurt there. new revelations in the volkswagen cheating scandal. now the automaker's own staff warned about the deceptive software years ago. >> we turn now to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> sam and laura, good morning to you. stocks look to start the week on a down note. the markets fell last week for the nasdaq suffering its third last week of the year as biocare and health care stocks dragged down the index. pending home sales. on friday the dow rose 114 points and the nasdaq falling 48 to 4686. volkswagen cheating scandal deepens. german prosecutors opening an investigation into martin winter. the automaker own staff and supplier warned years ago about software designs. it affected engines in 11 million diesel cars worldwide.
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reports say the company is suspending the research at its brands. best buy has an enticing offer to get you to buy a new 6s or 6s plus. a $200 gift card with a trade in of any working smartphone with a two-year agreement. you can get another $200 as a new verizon, at&t or sprint customer. but sam and laura, you have to act fast. the offer expires friday. >> landon dowdy bringing us good deals, too. thank you so much. president obama today takes america's fight against isis to united nations. ahead of a sit down with vladimir putin. the president today will address the entire u.n. body. follows his address yesterday at the sustainable goal summit. president obama will have a face-to-face with putin. >> the president believed it
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would be irresponsible to let this occasion in which the two leaders would be in the same city pass without trying to test to see whether progress could be made on these crises. >> president obama is also expected to focus attention on the iran nuclear deal during his u.n. address. as an example of what happens when nations work together. did you see it? we were just talking about it a second ago. a lot of folk physical you missed the lunar eclipse. what happened and why. coming up next you have a chance to see some video with it. the site you won't see for a couple more decades.
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we're going to get your workweek started out the right way here. show your forecast hour by hour.
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>> this will get your week st t started off right. we had such a pleasant weekend. here in oakland we'll see the highs starting out at 56 degrees and then a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the morning. then the clouds will be clearing out. we'll be at 66 degrees at lunchtime. and expect temperatures to rise into the lower 70s with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. let's see how traffic is moving now with mike. >> kari, in mountain view it is moving nice. vehicles over on the shoulder and all debris cleared from the lanes and folks near the off ramp. stay over to the left, light traffic flow and that will relax them a bit to give them a lane. the rest of your south bay moves very smoothly once you get down there and no problems except for a little slowing as you're passing the scene of the big rig over on the right shoulder approaching the san mateo toll plaza. >> mike, thank you very much. bay area refinery rules currently in the process of being refined. tonight may be the last chance to get some public input.
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the bay area air quality management rating new rules for oil refineries to cut their emission levels. lower emissions 20% by the year 2020. tonight, enrichment board members will meet with community and labor groups for the last in a series of open houses that are covering a draft of new rules. still no rock solid timetable on when those rules may actually take effect. nasa has some big news from the red planet. so big they're not saying what it is until a special news conference today. nasa says their news briefing will take place at the agency's headquarters in washington and will be broadcast live online, as well. director of planetary science is expected to speak. the briefing starts at 8:30 a.m. our time. >> unlike the video we are looking at there, this is not black and white. >> did you see it? so many people talking about it.
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when a total lunar eclipse combined with a so-called super moon. >> when a full moon makes its closest approach to earth appears 14% bigger with a reddish hue that coincided with a full eclipse. the science center was sold out for their viewing last night and it did not disappoint. >> made it look kind of orangey and the bottom was like dark. >> it was really cool just to like see and know it doesn't happen that much. >> take a look at this. it's what stargazers saw when they looked that skies over antioch. astronomers say this is the first time the event have made a twin appearance since 1982. it's not going to happen, again, until the year 2033. >> pretty amazing. at 4:57 this morning. coming up just a few days after the pope canonized his likeness
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vandalized. the crime committed at carmel mission that have some speculating about the motive. thousands of people rolling out the red carpet for a transformational figure stopping in the south bay. california mission ... just days
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after the controversial vandals target a historic california mission just days after the controversial canonization of junipero serra. a raucous welcome for the prime minister of india. different message from
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protesters. bed bugs, again. another bay area library closed this morning because of a possible infestation. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> make your skin crawl on a monday. >> starting my week looking at that. >> thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a look at the forecast, here's kari hall. we'll have great weather again today starting out with clouds and fog across parts of the bay area. it is 56 degrees in san francisco and the south bay at 61 degrees. here's a look at those highs this afternoon that will be in the 70s and 80s. a mild day with our highs about average for this time of year. in san francisco, 70 degrees and the tri-valley up to 89 degrees. i'll show you the rest of the week's forecast coming up. let's see how the commute is rolling now with mike. >> a very light volume of traffic and just as the roads are widen


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